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How do you create a customer experience that is so distinctive and valuable that your customers become your best sales people?

Imagine that 40% of your customers just come to you, without you investing in additional Ads, BTL, sellers. And it is because your clients do this instead of you - absolutely voluntarily the promote your product.

At the CRM conference you will have an exclusive chance to gain an answer to a question: "How to turn your client into advocate?"

The main speaker will be Shaun Smith - brave innovator, who moved the accent from client-service tactic to strategy of cooperating with clients in a much wider understanding. At the conference, Mr. Smith will graphically show, how world market leaders have gained unshakable competitive advantage, after focusing on cooperation with clients quality. Exactly those companies succeded in making their clients best advocates of their product.

Find out how some of the world's most successful organisations create a customer experience that turns customers into advocates;  how they manage the relationship to the point where their customers can't imagine wanting to do business with anyone else.

A high-impact presentation that will get you re-thinking your own organisation's customer experience. It will give you a powerful introduction to some of the most effective techniques and tools that will help you:

  • Understand the potential impact of customer experience on your competitive performance and customer loyalty
  • Diagnose your organisation's current situation using employee and customer research techniques
  • Identify what your most profitable target customers value
  • Define a customer experience and the hallmark touchpoints that will turn customers into advocates
  • Construct  a strategic roadmap to align people, process and product initiatives to deliver and sustain your customer experience
  • Understand how to manage change successfully and avoid common causes of failure in implementing a new customer  experience
  • Create an action plan that will improve business results for your organization



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