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Let us introduce ourselves

Mark Tapley  is aimed at helping Ukrainian top managers solve their business challenges by integrating global expertise into their everyday work. We transfer knowledge though our key products of educational events, analytics and research and strategy consulting.

We pass over aggregated business knowledge and practical tools to the Ukrainian top-management with the help of educational events aimed at professional development, research in business management and strategy consulting.


Mark Tapley is a character in Charles Dickens's lesser known novel 'Martin Chuzzlewit'. The name is synonymous with optimistic view of life, no matter how hard it can be.




Our secrets

We don't organize shows, discussions about Universe and our experts don't give advice about flower-breeding. With the help of our expert network and independent analytics, we provide information and advice which professionals need to work more effectively. To achieve this we:

  • Invite the best international experts who are seasoned practitioners in their area
  • Tailor solutions individually to suit each of our clients and choose those which will help to improve their work quality
  • Always work on improving our offers and client service quality that is why we take in account all our customers' feedback, both positive and negative
  • In the framework of our events we use real-life case studies of the companies with the similar tasks to illustrate the solution
  • Dedication to achieving our partners' and clients' goals;
  • Exact execution of the task at hand;
  • Proactive solution of clients' needs before, during and after the event.
We build partnerships with clients and work with professionals who value their time, and therefore their company's money, look for integrated and quickly implementable solutions to their challenges, and are interested in increasing personal efficiency.


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